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Individual Producer Responsibility Industry and NGO Alliance


“Individual producer responsibility encourages competition between companies on how to manage the end-of-life phase of their products. This in turn drives innovation, such as in business models, take-back logistics and design changes, to reduce the environmental impact of products at the end of their life.”

Joint Statement by a group of Industry and NGOs on Producer Responsibility for Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment, March 2007

Individual Producer Responsibility (IPR) is a policy tool that provides incentives to producers taking responsibility of the entire lifecycle of his/her own products, including end of life, to encourage producers to improve the design of their products. Article 8.2 of the European WEEE (Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment) Directive (2002/96/EC) establishes individual producer responsibility for the recycling of products put on the market after 13 August 2005. Making each producer responsible for financing the end-of-life costs of their own-branded products enables end-of-life costs to be fed back to the individual producer. By modifications to the product design, the producer can directly influence the end of life cost. Without Individual Producer Responsibility these incentives for design improvements are lost. 




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